How Sustainable is Your Roof?

How Sustainable is Your Roof?

When manufacturers talk about the sustainability of their roofing system or products, they are usually referring to characteristics like reflectivity, thermal emittance, and reducing cooling and heating loads. What many aren’t talking about is the embodied carbon associated with the product.

Sika Sarnafil explains, “embodied carbon does not mean this is carbon encapsulated or contained in a material. Embodied carbon is a term used to describe the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions created during the production of a material/product. This includes the energy from extracting raw materials and transporting them to a production facility, as well as the emissions from manufacturing them into a finished good.”  

Embodied carbon involves everything about the manufacture of a product, including the extraction of raw materials, making the products and even the transportation of those products to a job site. Demolition and transporting waste all contribute toward the production of embodied carbon.

To help both contractors and building owners understand the true carbon footprint of a project, Sika Sarnafil explains that Lifecycle Assessments are done as part of Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). A cradle-to-grave EPD assesses the environmental impact of a product on air, land and water throughout the product’s entire life span. A cradle-to-gate EPD only assesses those impacts up until the first use of the product.

Being transparent in the true sustainability of their products is important to Sika Sarnafil, which is why they are the only thermoplastic manufacturer to fully disclose their cradle-to-grave EPDs. You can access their complete explanation of cradle to grave and cradle to gate as well as how to calculate that data, plus links to other sustainability resources on the Sika Saranafil website here.

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